The Tour kicked off August 12th, 2017 in Sort with the aim of promoting women's participation in kayaking as well as environmental sustainability. Over 50 women travelled from Mexico, Perú, Netherlands, Italy, UK and Spain to  attend the event. The event included an array of kayaking activities such as a community paddle, paddling clinics, kayak polo tournament, as well as a presentation about the importance of the freshwater ecosystems and the best strategies to support their conservation.


Sofía Reinoso, MEX

The lulu love tour for me was an incredible experience where I was able to share what I love the most, with some great friends ! The energy was fantastic, so much love and joy put together an amazing event!


Sandra de Ugarte, PER

The event was by far one of my top highlights of the year. It was perfect for the girls to share, learn and grow together in and outside of the river! The excitement, the joy, and the positive energy felt those days will remain in my most valuable memories. 


Georgina Preston, GBR

Coming together to celebrate Lu's life and to spread the love for rivers was a really special event to be part of.    The first tour in Sort was a blast - so much fun, relaxed and inclusive for all abilities.  Her passion and energy is something that will never be lost!

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Anna Falguera, CAT

The beginners clinic gave me the opportunity to get in a kayak for the second time in 20 years. We all learned a lot and had a great time. I  loved the fact that it was an eco friendly event. I also really appreciated the effort made to combine the sport and encourage respect for the environment.