2nd Edition of the Lulu Love Tour in Sort.

On the 1st of September I was stoked to attend the Noguera Pallaresa Women’s race in the beautiful town of Sort, Catalunya. This is where the Lulu Love tour began in 2017 and is a beautiful place, full of adventurous people who love to play in the outdoors.

The Noguera Pallaresa Women’s race was for me, particularly special. The event embodies the spirit of Louise Jull (Lulu), who lived for these days on the river with friends. She was passionate about the promotion of more women participating in kayaking and she loved to compete. Anybody who came up against Lulu in a head to head race would remember that she held no prisoners on her quest to the finish line! I imagined her watching down on us, cheering us on and smiling to see so many rad chicks out on the river.

The day consisted of a mass start race in the morning and a head to head slalom race in the afternoon. It was amazing to meet women of all ages and backgrounds taking part and I felt lucky to be in such a beautiful place. The races were a lot of fun and there were some exciting and epic battles to the finish line! There were expert and novice races in the head to head, so all abilities were able to take part. The river in Sort is the perfect place for this race, the sun was shining and for all of us, there was nowhere we would have rather been.

As the day of competition ended, we moved to the kayak club for a cool prize giving, followed by a movie and traditional dinner of tasty paella. The paddling community here is really special and I loved meeting lots of new faces through being a part of this event. I met two women who had moved to Sort so they could do more paddling, and they had just met each other at the race. There is nothing better than finding new friends to paddle with!

Thank you Ali and Gerd for your hard work in organising such an awesome event and for keeping the spirit of Lulu alive through the Lulu Love Tour. It is amazing to be a part of something like this and I can’t wait to come back next year.